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The Structure of Thought

The Structure of Thought – Managing time in an efficient way.

When I am more perceptive of my surroundings I get more from them. I learned while on my honeymoon that I live trying to cram three things in a moment, all of the time! I brush my teeth while picking out clothes for the day, while hanging up yesterday’s clothes. I learned to be more focused while traveling, because when I am out of my routine I don’t feel compelled to do multiple things at once.

I also notice that I feel better when I walk to places. Walking causes you to carve out time and be aware –something that most of our busy-oriented lifestyles don’t incorporate. I think this is why I am drawn to urban environments. Even in a small town of 5,000 people my husband and I chose to live in a house that was within walking distance of our historic downtown. We can go to a high school football game, walk to a coffee shop on Friday night, bike to a grocery store, and attend church, all within a few miles of where we live.

We all need to learn to be more focused and enjoy doing one thing at a time. This will lead to better overall satisfaction, I think. So, I wondered, is anyone else coming to the same conclusion?

Multi-Tasking vs Mono-Tasking by Dumb Little Man was an interesting article that I found. This lead me to this article on the same site which stresses that people who are multi-tasking are actually less efficient. This article about Passion for productivity strengthened my determination to try and not pack too much into a day. If I am too productive, I don’t have a good sense at the end of a day. I feel frayed at the edges, and at a loss for not having lost myself in something enjoyable during an entire day. Where is the balance in this?

One more article, this one from Phys Org, concludes that people who often multitask are actually bad at it. So, enjoy a winter weekend starting now. Make sure to sit back, relax, and take in something you enjoy!

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