Fabric Obsessed




I am inspired by fabric. Expressed in the threads you wear are a sense of style, a type of daring, a piece of your inside feelings expressed externally. For some time I’ve wanted to reupholster my couch. It’s a tan Ikea model with a nice shape, but without a personality.



{found on Pinterest}

poet sofa

Some fabric companies I consult with are below… am I missing any?


Exterior Designer Shades

Mecho Shade (Interior / Exterior)

Lutron (Interior / Exterior)

Earth Shade www.earthshade.com

Arc-Com Fabrics        Artemis

Brentano Fabrics        Artemis

Solucent Exterior Shades by Cambridge Architectural

Dressage and Strata by Conrad UV Shades of Natural Fibers

Fabric by Distinctly Duralee

Curtain Works

Lee Jofa


Lisa Fine

Katerina Tana

RP Miller


Marcie Bronkar

Kerry Joyce

Off White Castle

Le Gracieux

Kathryn M. Ireland

Carolina Irving


Katie Leede

Rose Tarlow

Peter Dunham

Ferrick Mason


High Fashion, La St. Tx

Mood Fabrics

Anzea fabric, recycled

Custom Fabric on Demand



housebeautiful february 2013 will merrill






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