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Blues Fest Tear Down, again

villamagna_bluesMan2Bob Villamagna’s  BluesMan II

August 15, 2011

Blues Fest Tear Down, again

The voices have faded now

the reverb of drum and Jazz bounced

reflected until the slightest sound

no longer be heard

bounced to silence


The oil slicks are washing away

in colorful shades of the rainbow

where the cars were piled

cars and vans who had traveled

with flashy bumper stickers

exclaiming in their overuse

their own attention, like wallpaper print

a language of tattoos

translating to me

a new genre of people following bands


The city had been alive with thousands of people

the crowd before the stage never ceased,

moving, colliding with one another in a hypnotic

motion, feeling like a lifted spirit

capturing a joy felt within, from being around so many people

doing the same thing


The heart beats on as the lyrics continue

as they leave Wheeling

somewhere else they play the blues

mouths wording a continuation of where we left off

Sunday night as the sky faded and clouds parted

into a pink hoola hoop lying on the horizon,

capturing, along with the river

moving us all, at the same time, in one languid motion

the essence of the blues taking hold

dance together, as people worked together

the reason of the blues grabbing us in one shared movement

to reveal that the soul has remained the same,

and more powerful if we can live like this, together.


Visit the Wheeling Heritage Music BluesFest 2013 this August!

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