Art Event ~ in St. Clairsville soon!


{ The Main Street Gallery }

My husband and I are fortunate to be surrounded by creative, athletic, inspiring people. Fourteen people gathered to discuss poems and photography until the eleven o’clock hour on a school night this week. Yes, that’s right, a group of us who have met over the past couple of years in the same gallery space, came into it to develop a show of our own. Over the course of the night the attention was held by each one of us as we shared photography and then read poems. This first attempt at combining the photos to poems, wondering if what we all brought with us could somehow describe what another person was describing, drew out more than we expected. I left with more images in my head than I began with. I brought poems to the table, and now I was pushed to write more!

There were quilted flowers, Cinque Terra images, clovers and aging farms. The theme of ‘Journey’ took a different path in everyone. Some journeys traced water down rivers, others sought light in glass, paddle boats were still like lifeless swings. There was earth and water mixing, the horizon lines of Aruba, and personal journeys described in one still shot. Journey meant time in another country for some, watching little boys live a life we weren’t used to. There were meaningful moments captured by a fire with the silence of writing. There were funny memories relived in poem stories. It was great to be apart of. It was wonderful to see what everyone volunteered to share after each small presentation. The images are floating in my mind, the funeral umbrella’s, the black and white picture describing a wife, and this underlying desire of interest in what one another’s talents are producing.

The show hopes to open in a month, and I look forward to the exponentially growing perspectives of the new people we may find drawn toward this Journey.

The Main Street Gallery is located at 145 East Main Street in St. Clairsville, Ohio.

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