Keeping up with the Pittsburgh Marathon

~ The Pittsburgh Marathon 2013 ~

See them off at the starting line, run to 7th street bridge and catch our runner friends by their 5th mile, then get to Station Square to cheer em on at 9… well that was the plan. But there were so many runners, and our friends were so fast, that we saw one take off from downtown, and didn’t catch up until we had a car bring us to Mile 22.

The day was a perfect day for running. Waking up too early on top of Mt. Washington afforded a beautiful sunrise over the city as we took the incline down into the excited atmosphere.


The one friend we saw off from the starting line was ahead of everyone in his corral.

Quick strides and bridges full of fans.

Long strides, and us, as fans.

Pep up at mile 22.

Only half of a mile to go, and then, refreshment!

Congrats to the relay team – 3 RIVERS 8 LEGS  with a time of 3:14:28!


To the girls above with personal best times of 4:35:39!

Allison, who ran her first marathon placed 3027th overall! I’m so proud of her and everyone for accomplishing more than those 26.2 miles!

Great race.

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