48 at the Hill, 1:49 at the Finish

CUOgdenC U at the Intelligencer

Memorial Day brings about a tradition in my family every year. We train, invite family and friends in for the weekend, eat lasagna and then take part in the Ogden race of Wheeling, WV.


My brother and I split the race and completed the relay to take 3rd place. My mother and aunt competed in the ‘all female’ category and placed 4th with a personal best for my Mom. Dad took 3rd in his age group and let Channel 9 News know what a great day for running Saturday turned out to be, and how wonderful it is to show off Wheeling in this way.


My Dad on WTOV 9

“It’s cool for the folks watching but for the participants it’s just perfect weather. It’s a perfect day for a run,” says participant Stephen Clark.

(A second Article on the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic.)

My aunt was warned about ‘that hill’ at the first half of the relay when she elected to be the first leg of the race. Though our warnings tried to give value to it’s difficulty, she still had something to exclaim at the end. I suppose we’ll explain it to out-of-towners in the future as a mountain. After climbing that part of the race, you feel as if you can conquer anything! Good job everyone!

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