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In the equation of a work / life balance, works seems to weigh heavy on the week. I am discovering ways to evaluate parts of work that can contribute to a positive work / life balance. It seems to be the topic of the week as all of a sudden a few different sources have come my way without my direct request of them.

Consider the seven ways to apportion your day as compared to Dr. Dan’s suggested plan -comparing a workday to a weekend day. Below is my ideal work vs. weekend day. Consider this for yourself. How would you divide each type of day to accommodate the seven times a day?

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Sleep is easy as long as you allow the time for it. Doing the same thing at the same time every day is good for developing natural circadian rhythms for your mind and body. In evaluating my chart I notice that I fill my work days with timelier demands. I also allow more time for focusing during the week, with zone-out time and chores taking the place of it for the afternoon on weekends. I lack time with those that I love early on workday mornings. On the weekends I don’t feel the ‘In’ need to reconnect to myself after focus time which probably means I expect the workday to have distractions. Which is true. I feel the need to allow myself to respect those trying to get a hold of me. Try to get a hold of me on a weekend and I wish you luck. 🙂

In my current occupation of self-evaluation by night, I’ve also enjoyed this recent article by Arch Daily about 21 ways an architect can work more efficiently. I personally love number 7!

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