Over the Bridge to San Niccolo

Neighborhood Florence

We crossed the Arno over the Ponte Vecchio bridge again the next day and walked up lanes of a residential district. Streets dead-ended into steps. Other roads came down at acute angles. Skooters were always going by and the sidewalks to move out-of-the-way were not more than a glorified curb.

From Boboli Gardens

We are on our way to the Boboli gardens not knowing what to expect. The first glimpses to the sunken maze garden beyond the palace are incredibly intricate -roses in full bloom. A magnificent view of the Duomo holds the landscape from our vantage, just a hill above downtown Florence. The gardens are large! Open swaths of a graded landscape, clear through the center and leading dramatically up to a lovely sculpture surrounded by a pool compete for our attention.

Boboli Gardens

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