The Boboli Gardens, Florence

Boboli Garden Lemons at Boboli roses at boboli My family at Boboli

Neptune stood in a still pond. We walked through arbors trained to grow over our heads in arches. We took in the sight lines and focal points where busts of noble men were carved. Pea gravel gardens rose and fell. A cedar lined alleyway was cut back and forth with less severe paths. There was an elevated marble stage floating. Lemon trees in terra-cotta pots were vibrant and pungent. The fruit bursting, just like the roses in rows and rows at the nearby greenhouse. Terra-cotta pots sat everywhere along the pea gravel paths. Rose vines were overwhelming the iron balconies. Grottos hid behind the branches. Topiary vines six inches in diameter followed the exterior wall.

The Boboli Gardens, in Florence Italy

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