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Narcici Winery 1
narcici Winery


It’s summer, which means everyone is getting married and having showers. A few years ago I attended a shower at the Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia, Pa. It is a lovely winery set in the flat lands of a wide hollow. The building seemed to come from the ground, intertwined in the landscape with the grape vineyard. It is a large venue that hosts a restaurant and many meeting rooms under one roof. They host events throughout the summer on the lawn which I look forward to attending some day. The shower is not the only reason I want to bring up this winery and restaurant. It turns out that the proprietors are Giulianova natives!

What I noticed lately is that shower attire has really become much more elegant. After attending two in the past few months, one wedding and one baby, I thought I’d share my thoughts about what women wear. One piece dresses, black tights, and high high heels are now the standard.

Inspiration comes from dresses as this grey number below. Shift dresses found on Amazon, or bold block prints are also popular. With a bold glass of wine in one hand, we congratulated the bride-to-be and enjoyed an afternoon among her friends and family.


A baby shower I attended recently in Pittsburgh, Pa was hosted by the lovely family of the mother-to-be at Andora Restaurant. Welcome to Andora.

The renovated home comfortably sat the family and friends of my beautifully pregnant friend. Center-pieces for the day were frilly girls dresses. I enjoyed the company, the atmosphere and again, the attire. Pearls, thick gold bangles, silk skirts, and little girls in poofy dresses.

In September I will attend a colorful-tie event at Oglebay celebrating a close friend’s wedding. What’s a colorful tie? Well, I’m not sure -we’re still trying to figure out the language. What do you call a formal event, where you want girls to wear long dresses, but the men aren’t required to wear black tuxes?  Developing what to wear should be fun!

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