Summer Traveling to Arch Park – KY

The Natural Bridge in Slade, Kentucky – the Red River Gorge is a surprise to the many that never realized the number of natural bridges in eastern Kentucky.

The Natural Bridge in Slade, Kentucky


It’s summer, which to me means late evenings spent outside. My husband and I drove to Kentucky in the fall to visit the Red River Gorge area. What we found in the forest was unexpected -many natural stone arches. They cut across the sky, and were conversely, hidden in brush. What we uncovered in that trip continues to feed our enthusiasm to travel into nature’s forests.

Natural Bridge Trails

102613_RedGorge 501

102613_RedGorge 503

102613_RedGorge 514

The Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest

102613_RedGorge 527

102613_RedGorge 546102613_RedGorge 626

102613_RedGorge 639

102613_RedGorge 656

102613_RedGorge 670

We stayed in a remote cabin that could only be accessed by foot.

102613_RedGorge 691We found this area to be the favorite of many rock climbers. Miguels, below, was a hot-spotĀ for many. The decor surrounding the bus-seat booths were lengths and lengths of rock-climbing rope.

102613_RedGorge 729

Sky Bridge Station


Photo by Krag Ky

The Red River Rock House Restaurant

Rockhouse_sustainableKyPhoto from Sustainable Ky

Welcome to summer and the adventures waiting!

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