Prepping for PODS at the Morgantown Marriott

Masonry at Marriott

Last week I visited Orlando to view the Morgantown Courtyard by Marriott bathroom pods, fresh off the line. The facility of Oldcastle / Eggrock was spectacular. What impressed me was the level of engineering, waste evaluation, and labor considerations in every decision. The GC and I met with our Marriott representative to evaluate the finish product of our POD which was, unsurprisingly, near perfect.
Shaft Cutout

What you see in the picture above is the bathroom shaft without shaft walls. Plumbing and HVAC equipment fits within this L-shaped opening. The oddly shaped opening had to be coordinated with all of the design trades, the concrete floor fabricators, and of course, the bathroom POD. It’s been quite an effort and seeing the built product of what has been on a computer screen for so long has been the most rewarding of the entire process of creating this hotel.

Prepping for the Pod

Here you see the shaft in the center, and the template of the pod on the ground so that the concrete can be properly core drilled to receive the bathroom. In a few weeks I’ll share how these PODS are set in place after their journey from Florida.

Photos are by the General Contractor, Waller Corporation.

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