The Morgantown Marriott

They left Florida last Friday and drove through the weekend. They came to Morgantown packaged in white, ready to be lifted into the sky, and set into place. The Pods are here! Oldcastle’s orchestration of fixtures, finishes, exact stud sizes, precise cuts and factory finesse is finally within the arms of our building. The final leg of the trip is delivering them from the semi bed to each room. It starts with a crane, a big boom, and the empty cage you see floating below.

Oldcastle Morgantown 1

The ‘cage’ has legs which stabilize it to receive each Pod.

Oldcastle Morgantown 2

Oldcastle Morgantown 7

Over-sized pallet jacks ride the lift every trip and are used to pull the Pod from the truck, and then into the building. The crane rotates the lift cage for this to work.

Oldcastle Morgantown 3

The pods are loaded into the truck with precision, of course, but loaded so that they may be taken into each room in the exact direction that they will remain once plumbed. There is little room for error, as you can see in the 7″ of spare room between the Pod sides and the truck. The same goes for the coordinated place they will reside, as seen in the Pod template on a precast floor below.

Prepping for the Pod

Oldcastle Morgantown 4

The cage to floor connection has been considered and coordinated prior to the arrival of the Pods.

Oldcastle Morgantown 5

A seamless team of two men roll the POD into the building.

Oldcastle Morgantown 7

Oldcastle Morgantown 8

The pallet jacks are slid alongside of the Pod once set in place, and take the ride to get the next bathroom.

Oldcastle Morgantown 6

Prefab POD Manufacturer:  Oldcastle Modular

Contractor: Waller Corporation

Architect: Mills Group

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